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Have your photos fixed the way you want

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Website: http://makeityourowncp.weebly.com

Do you have the perfect photo but you need something removed from it? Maybe it's as simple as a pimple, maybe there's a stain on your shirt, or maybe there's someone or something that just ruins it for you. Why leave it on your computer? Have it fixed and display it. Do you have an old photo that has cracks in it or is starting to fade? Let us restore it to it's original condition. If you can't scan it, then we will. Once it's scanned to a computer, then we can fix it up for you and print it back out again with absolutely no harm to your original photo. When we are done with it, you will never know there was anything there.

We have all had a family get together, graduation, celebration or some other event and there's always someone who doesn't show up.We can add them right into the photo wherever you want them to be and it will look exactly like it should. Don't let those precious moments go to waste.

If we can't fix your photo, then there will be no charge to you, so why not? Prices are extremely reasonable too. You tell us what it's worth to you and we may have a deal. Don't be embarrassed for offering a low price. There won't be a room full of gossipers talking about it because we are only two people and we are all about saving money too! Besides....Unlike other businesses, we know it doesn't cost much to click the mouse a bunch of times to fix a photo so why charge outrageous prices for nothing?

Are you tired of the same old business card designs? If you are, then we are your solution for that too. We will custom make you a personalized business card that will make people want to see it again. For your business or whatever it may be....Advertising is the key! Let your card do it for you. We have an endless variety of styles, shapes and colors for you to choose from. There are a couple of samples to the left, but if you want to see or hear more, then please email me and we will get right back to you.

Everything we do is below reasonable price, so take a chance and we GUARANTEE that you will not be disappointed! We can design your card or you can sit with us and tell us how you want it and what you want on it. We can print you single cards or a sheet or we can burn it onto a cd for you to take home and print whenever you run out. The possibilities with what we do are endless.

Email us with a description or send the photo, and we will tell you if it can be done or not. There are no worries about your privacy. The only thing we ask is that you keep the photos clean and decent. We will not accept nude, suggestive or gross photos. That's all!

There are a couple of samples to the left, and even these don't show very well what we can do to a photo! We have lots of samples on our site:


Remove imperfections or unwanted things from a photo
Add people or objects into your photo
Add or remove shadows
Add effects to your photo such as - Sun spots, shadows, blurring, frames, masks, texts or virtually whatever you can imagine...Just ask!
We have one of a kind photos that have a different perspective that the average ones.
We have motivational and inspirational, funny, unique, extreme close up, beautiful scenery, wildlife and many many more types of photos!

When you contact us, keep in mind that there is No Obligation whatsoever......Email us and we'll give you samples of our work either in person or by email! Our prices are so low and risk free that you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain! We are in the process of planning to get a website for all of this, but in the meantime we will have to do it this way!

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